Home Buying Program

If your goal is to eventually buy a home, our goal is to help you buy one. Our Full-Service Brokerage, Home Free Realty has helped our clients find the best home for their money for over 20 years. We offer cash rebates if you rent with The ApartMINT and decide to buy a home with us later. A portion of each month’s rent that your leased will go back to you as a cash rebate when you buy a home.  How cool is that?! This can help you with closing costs, title expenses or even a cash rebate to buy a TV.  Whatever you want, it’s our way of saying Thank You. Our goal is to put our clients in the best possible shape to buy a home when their ready to buy.  Whether that’s helping fix any credit issues, find financing options with the best interest rates, whatever it may be, chances are we’ve seen it before. If your currently undecided about renting or buying now, contact us and we’ll discuss what we think will be your best option.  If renting is what you want now, we’ll have a cash rebate ready for you when you’re ready to buy. Just let us know if we can be of service!